Success Stories

Fluke 805 Vibration Meter Saves Packaging Company an Estimated $8,000 a Year
DuPont Proshield 10 Saves Trailer Manufacturer an Average of $10,275 a Year
DuPont Proshield 50 Saves Agricultural Equipment Manufacturer an Average of $5,500 a Year
Fluke 830 Reduces Downtime for Customer from 8 hours to 3 Hours
Fluke CV300 Infrared Window Saves University $12,000 Annually
MegaCOMFORT ESD Insoles Save Industrial Vacuum Manufacture $403,131 a Year by Reducing Injuries
UA/SAIT Brute Reduces the Wheels Required from 5,000 with the Competitor to 1,890 with Brute
MCR Safety 9672DT2 Glove Saves Food Processing Plant An Estimated $27,228 a Year
MCR Safety N9676DT Glove Saves Construction Equipment Manufacturer An Estimated $31,200 a Year
Louisville Ladder Saves Chemical Manufacturer $39,000 in Risk Avoidance