Success Stories

Vehicle Manufacturer Reduces Need to Outsource with JET and Edwards
Agriculture Company Reduces Cost, Maintains Quality With DuPont
Trailer Manufacturer Increases Safety and Worker Comfort With DuPont
Chemical Plant Improves Power Quality and Predictive Maintenance With LineDrive and Fluke
Food Processor Reduces Downtime, Increases Facility Efficiency
University Increases Worker Safety, Mitigates Arc Flash Incidents
Packaging Company Enhances Vibration Testing, Avoids Downtime
Cost Savings and Consolidation Help Increase Safety at Food Plant
Tool Consumption Reduced, Productivity Increased at Vehicle Manufacturer
Steel Mill Increases OSHA Compliance with Ladder Safety Program
Food Processor Increases Worker Safety and Comfort with Glove Assessment
Adhesive manufacturer avoids downtime, motor failure with predictive maintenance solutions
Law enforcement agency eliminates exposure to blood born pathogens
Poultry plant reduces downtime by $37,000 annually
Meat processor improves facility communications with Motorola
Wire and cable manufacturer enhances preventative maintenance program and reduces downtime
Food processor increases electrical work efficiencies by 30%
Lumber manufacturer eliminates hand injuries, expects to save over $200,000
City utilities department reduces downtime and and implements predictive maintenance plan
Automotive manufacturer reduces costs and cut risks by $111,000 with MCR Safety
Packaging company increases PPE compliance and safety with MCR Safety glove
Power transmission company implements predictive maintenance program, decreases pump replacements
Vibration tools and analysis increase ROI and risk avoidance at manufacturing plant
Healthcare facility implements program to avoid ladder falls
Foundry lowers costs, increases worker comfort and safety with RPB
Steel plant ensures fresh air for welders with new respiratory solution
MCR Safety Ninja Provides Warmth, Protection, and Risk Reduction
Increased Hand Protection Results in Cost Savings for Oil and Gas Company
Industrial Vacuum Manufacturer Reduces Potential Injuries and Improves Employee Comfort with MEGAComfort Insoles
Agriculture Manufacturer Reduces Cost and Increases Safety with MCR Safety Gloves
Metal Forming Manufacturer Increases Safety and Provides Cut Protection
Build Material Supplier Reduces Puncture Wounds with MCR Safety
Cold Front Fan Mitigates Risk of Heat Exhaustion in Extrusion Plant
Chemical Manufacturer Avoids OSHA Fines, Implements Worker Safety Program
Preventive Maintenance Plan Results In Facility Cost Savings
Landscape Company Increases Worker Safety, Lowers Annual Costs
Defense Contractor Ensures Worker Safety With New Ladders
Aerospace Techs Improve Reduce Heat Stress Risk, Save Big
Boat Manufacturer Reduces Costs & Man Hours with Vendible Glove Solution
Retailer Standardizes Productivity Nationwide to All Locations With Fluke