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Improper ladder use is a repeat offender on OSHA’s Top 10 Citations List and 2017 was no exception . You can prevent ladder-related accidents at your facility, and avoid OSHA fines, by enrolling in C.L.I.M.B. Academy today. Your workers are instructed on proper ladder safety and assessment practices including selection; climbing techniques; transport, and storage protocols. Instruction is based on ANSI Safety Standards and conducted on site, at your facility.

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Worker Fall Prompts Stronger Ladder Safety Initiatives at SF-Based Healthcare Company

More than 160,000 ladder-related injuries happen annually in the U.S. alone. Of those, nearly 100 are fatal. Frustratingly, studies show 90% of these injuries could have been avoided if workers had proper training.

Experiencing this first hand, a San Francisco-based healthcare network chose to no longer be a statistic after a ladder injury left one of its employees hospitalized in serious condition for several weeks and out of work for nearly six months. The organization reached out to LineDrive and Louisville Ladder to enroll in C.L.I.M.B. Academy. The comprehensive safety and assessment program teaches the fundamentals for safe use of ladders commonly used in the workplace such as stepladders, extension ladders, rolling warehouse ladders, rolling tower scaffolding, and aluminum walk boards.

“We were surprised to hear some of our workers say they’d never considered, for instance, the dangers of using an aluminum ladder when working on an electrical project,” said the facilities manager at the SF headquarters. “Climb Academy turned our team members into experts in all aspects of ladder safety.”

The C.L.I.M.B. program teaches workers to:

  • Choose the right equipment
  • Look for damage or missing parts (like steps, rung locks, braces, and foot pads)
  • Implement a safe setup
  • Move safely, always using 3 points of contact
  • Be a climbing safety expert, not a statistic

Today, this healthcare network conducts quarterly ladder trainings and assessments based on what they learned from LineDrive; and has made this process a best practice at all of its facilities. LineDrive and Louisville Ladder performed 8 assessments and 4 trainings to ensure ladder safety became part of the customer’s culture.

LineDrive and Louisville Ladder work together making this extensive ladder safety training available nationwide to all companies across all industries.

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