How It Works

This confidential walk through is performed at your facility by a LineDrive representative and potentially a certified industrial hygienist. Throughout, you will receive immediate feedback on observations and recommendations relating to personal protective equipment, chemicals, floors, general safety, and maintenance/repair/operations equipment. This assessment is approximately 2 to 4 hours depending on facility size and includes a comprehensive written report.

Cost: Free

All Protective Clothing Is Not Created Equal

A metal processing plant in Indiana, recognizing the severe environment of its facility, called in LineDrive for a confidential Job Hazard Assessment of its chemicals and protective clothing.

“They have more than 750 employees who are often working with harsh hazards and chemicals,” explains their LineDriver. “Safety is a major priority for their union and for management.”

The hazard assessment included an extensive plant walkthrough as well as a specification review of the chemicals and their effects on PVC versus other protective suiting material.

“After studying the information on all of the chemicals in use at the facility, we entered the data into Dupont’s SafeSpec 2.0 and got the right protective clothing for the job,” adds their LineDriver.

Ultimately, this Hazard Assessment produced three recommendations for personal protective equipment (PPE) for the customer. All of which continue protecting workers from serious harm today. For this particular facility, the recommended solution was the DuPont Tychem BR suit.

To find out the most appropriate protective equipment for your floor workers, request your free assessment today.

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