How It Works

Based on 5S Lean Manufacturing principles, your facility’s stockroom, parts storage, workflows, and inventory management systems are observed and analyzed during this onsite visit. How items are received, put away (or not), and organized drive the bin stocking system LineDrive sets up for you. A storage system with proper labeling, part numbers, and visual images helps reduce redundant parts and purchasing saving time, money, and frustration. LineDrive conducts this assessment quickly and without disruption to your workday.

Cost: Free

Efficiency on Campus - Bin Use 101

A Pennsylvania university relies on their in house maintenance department to keep their school up and running; this entails changing out electrical parts and fixtures on a regular basis. With the maintenance team often being busy working on campus, there was not always time to receive the products, put them away, or organize them. Over time, they amassed a large collection of random parts from various brands; and it was beginning to become harder to tell what they had and what they didn’t.

LineDrive was called in to assess their storeroom, finding duplicate and redundant products, unidentifiable parts in unlabeled areas and no system in place for managing it. Adhering to 5S principles of lean manufacturing and organization, LineDrive created a bin stocking solution that reduced the number of on-hand parts and included labeling of bins with part numbers plus images - making items easy to find and maintain.

The school reduced cost and inventory by 15% and the maintenance staff doubled its productivity because the new system freed up their time to fulfill more work orders.

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