Why do I need LineDrive?
Because you want the utmost in worker safety and facility productivity.
How can LineDrive help me?
We document cost savings and drive compliance. In the end the results increase your bottom line.
What does LineDrive do?
LineDrive is a discipline process based company. Our diagnostic approach results in the utmost in worker safety and facility productivity.
Who is LineDrive?
Established in 2000, LineDrive employs more than 60 consultants nationwide who bring advanced problem solving and product application expertise to businesses nationwide. The purpose of LineDrive is to keep our customers safe and to improve the productivity of their facilities by finding their pain and alleviating it with our solutions.
Can I book more than one facility assessment?
Not only can you – we suggest it. You can book as many as you want.
Can I get all of my assessments schedule for the same day?
In order for you and your employees to get the most of out of the services, we like to stagger them. This gives everyone the chance to apply the strategies in your work environment with full focus rather than attempting to digest a lot of new information or workflows all at once. We are committed to making the most of our time at each appointment with you.
How do I schedule my service?
You can do it online by filling out this form.
How do I know which service is right for my facility?
Call or email us at 847-882-1198 or support@linedriveu.com or reach out to your LineDriver. We’re always happy to answer any questions about our services and help you determine the most appropriate action plan for your specific needs.